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Mémorial Acte
memorial acte  Guadeloupe The Memorial Act is a Caribbean Center for Expressions and Memories of Trafficking and Slavery.
It is a question of crossing the glances and the disciplines by relying on the history, heart of the project, but also on the ethnology, the social anthropology and the history of the art.
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The Slave Route
The Slave Route In 2010, on the occasion of the 27th edition of the Heritage Days, "The Slave Route".

Traces-memoirs in Guadeloupe "was launched by the General Council of Guadeloupe, in collaboration with UNESCO. Trace-memories in Guadeloupe, a patrimonial and memorial circuit is proposed and consists of eighteen sites.

This route connects Basse-Terre to Grande-Terre via Marie-Galante and Terre-de-Bas.
Among the sites of this project, we find on plantations (Grivelière), place of massive use of slaves for agricultural work. These plantations are in different states of conservation or restoration. .

Volcan de la Soufrière
volcan de la Soufriere

La Soufrière, nicknamed "vié madanm la" in Guadeloupean Creole, literally "the old lady" in French, from its height of 1,467 m, it dominates Basse-Terre.
In Guadeloupe, this is the only place that offers such a 360 ° view of the mountain ranges to the north of Basse-Terre, Petit Cul de Sac Marin, Grande Terre, the south of Basse-Terre , the Caribbean Sea, the surrounding islands Les Saintes, Dominica ...

It is an active volcano, since the last 10 000 years, of Pelican type, explosive with fiery clouds. Check the weather before leaving and do this hike only in good weather. In case of rain, the visibility is zero and the hike loses much of its interest.


Les chutes du carbet

Les chutes du carbet

Three in number, the Carbet waterfalls owe their name to the Grand Carbet River.
The latter has its source in the eastern flank of the Soufriere massif.
The first falls in two stages, a jump of 115 m (3 hours AR from the car park) The second high chute of 110 m, is the best known (45 min AR from the car park) The third fall ends with a height of 20 m, in a beautiful circular basin.
It is especially impressive by its volume of water.